My Story

Brownie Mix

It all started with this jar.

I've been a brownie addict since I was a little girl baking them with my mum. Its probably the first thing I learnt to bake.

I loved her ooey gooey brownie recipe and it has always been my go to recipe for any cake sale, bring a dish, get together. I've never found a shop bought brownie that I like but in trying ones baked by friends, I discovered I also liked cakey brownies, fudgey brownies and all the delicious combinations of treats that can be buried in a brownies.

Over the years, I took my mum's recipe and experimented with all the different types of Brownies that I cared to try, including beetroot brownies (a surprising hit), gluten free and different ways to make vegan brownies and they've all been crowd pleasers.

I bake brownies so often, that I decided to create a master mix and develop all the different recipe iterations that use the very same mix. So when anyone in the house has a brownie craving (usually me), or there's an impromptu need for a baked good, I simply have to scoop out 1 .5 Cups of the mix and make whatever brownies my heart desires (and pantry allows).

So here I am, bringing my brownie mix out to you. So that even if you have no baking equipment, you can bake delicious brownies at home, any way you like them.